Conversion Process

Conversion Process:


1: We can make 3D stereo pair (left/right) pictures from normal 2D images provided by the customer. Our conversions have a full “roundness” of the natural image and avoid an artificial “cardboard cut-out” effect.

2: The 3D depth that we put into the images can be altered to be strong or moderate depending on the customer’s requirements.

3: The 3D conversions can be used as stereo pairs, anaglyphs or interleaved.

4: We have a quick turnaround time and can do up to 5 conversions per day for you.

5: You would send your normal images to and we will send you back the converted image. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

6: We have a 99% degree of satisfaction. For new customers we will do 2 conversions for free to showcase the quality of our work at no risk.





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