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Product typer: 9D super-VR

This product is designed and produced all by ourselves. It is different from other products in the market. It includes following 4 functions:
1st, Looking at the 3D photo function independently. Just insert directly, you can customize any 3D images and print ordinary 3D digital photos all by yourself. You can also ask us to print a professional HD photo for you. We have designed a light box for the photo, so the photo is more bright and real.
2nd, 3D slideshow function. You can customize any 3D slideshow by yourself. We can also make free 3D slides for you. Just send your 3D or 2D photos to us, we can convert you 3D effects for you.
3rd, Play 3D movies.
4TH, Play 3D games.
This product has a strong scope of application. It can be applied to wedding photography, product display, advertising, gifts, children's toys, home entertainment and so on.
We only produce with top quality. Our product has 1.8MM thickness ABS plastic and all materials are environment-friendly. We can design and produce with your own logo, color or customized package etc.
We sincerely hope that you like our products and order some.
We will provide the best price and best quality for you.
This product has patented protected. Please feel free to buy and use.
Moreover, we can also make molds for your production of your own products.

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